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At a Santa Barbara medical establishment INCOMPETENCE and CORRUPTION have are winning and
I have been unable to get treatment for my surgical injury.
Why? They want to protect themselves!

I am looking for others local to Santa Barbara to join my malpractice support group.

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Site created Aug 18, 2005

I am a victim of premeditated, intentional surgical experimentation without my consent or knowledge. After I discovered this they treated me like a failed lab experiment to be thrown in the trash. They could do that because I later found out there is no danger of a lawsuit - a medical malpractice suit costs $20,000 to $50,000 just to bring to trial. Since I cannot afford that myself, there is no legal help because lawyers will not take my case on a contingency basis.

There is a two tier medical system in this country. Those who can afford to sue and those who cannot sue may get very different treatments.

Lawyers who work on contingency have big ads in the phonebook. But they skim the top cream - those with brain damage or the severely permanently disabled who stand to lose substantial income because of their permanent disability. If your injury is not as severe and is not worth your state damages cap, then you will have a hard time finding a lawyer who will work on contingency! The victims who cannot pay a large attorney retainer fee are trapped without help. Many victims must live with their injury without compensation for the rest of their lives, some because they can't afford expensive reconstruction surgery. The other doctors will protect the original doctor, and insurance companies will not pay unless a doctor says so. Your insurance will therefore not pay to repair your surgical injury! Surgeons here in America can experiment on you, they really do get away with it, and there is nothing you can do about it, except not to get surgery!

In July of 2004 I had a routine septoplasy - an operation meant to straighten a "deviated septum" which is cartilage partially blocking the airway inside a nostril. This is an entirely voluntary operation, the doctor explained it and said it was a very routine operation and it seemed safe and secure to me. This board-certified Ear Nose Throat doctor did the prescribed operation, then, separately and unrelated to the operation, he cut off substantial cartilage from the end of my nose! He is not a plastic surgeon. He did not record it in the medical report, he denied it when I asked him about it, he and the department head got all the other doctors I went to for second opinions to deny it as well. At one appointment he finally said that he did it to "remedy the tent-pole effect" (no other doctor has heard this term before), and he said I could have a shorter nose!

Both of my nostrils collapse now because of no support inside. I must wear a splint on the end of my nose for the rest of my life to support my nose structure so that I may breath through my nose. The department head said I signed the paper listing the risks and there was no guarantee of a satisfactory outcome. NOT ON THE LIST was any risk of experimentation at the descretion of the doctor! This doctor chose me to EXPERIMENT on! My nose is a DISASTER. I am a victim of pre-meditated medical malpractice, or SURGICAL BATTERY!

Of the many malpractice attorneys that I contacted, the few that replied gave me reasons why they were not taking the case:

  • The injury has not physically disabled me.
  • I have not lost substantial income:
    • The cap on non-economic awards in California has not been adjusted for inflation since 1975.
    • Malpractice awards are therefore based on lost financial income.
    • Malpractice lawsuits are prohibitively expensive, often costing $50,000 in filing fees, expert witnesses and billable time before trial.
    • My case is therefore not economically viable to prosecute, even if I won.
    • (Of course, doctors know these facts before they operate.)
  • And one gave this reason: Medical malpractice cases are rarely won in Santa Barbara, "you live in the wrong place" one attorney told me.

"Upset over the outcome of the operation" does not describe this situation.

  • I no longer have a social life or hopes of generating one. I would call that "disabled".
  • In important situations people may not not take me seriously because of my appearance. Important situations include job interviews and financial application interviews.
  • It is a daily inconvenience to have to wear this device. I must change it at least once a day and spend 10 minutes a day removing the sticky tape goo from my nose skin before reattaching it.
Let this be a warning: you may think you can sue if the doctor does something wrong, and even if the law is clearly and on your side, it must be a VERY PROFITABLE before an attorney will become interested on a contingency basis. In other words, if you are a business man pulling in $1 million a year, and you suffer brain damage that prevents you from working for the rest of your life due to doctor's negligence, you will have many friends who are lawyers. If you are a poor woman who has been intentionally sterilized without your permission during a bladder operation and you will never bear children, well then, the world has enough people already, you know what I mean?

The first tactic doctors try is to get the patent to give-up on a medical solution for the malpractice. Doctors, who are all members of their own club, circle wagon train and psychologically "treat" the victim patient with the "WALL OF SILENCE". Many are very experienced at this. The patient naturally has the "I'm being avoided" feeling, which leads to guilt. You may remember being treated this way by your parents at a young age. The patient can feel marginalized and isolated by this simple trick. Blame has been transfered to the victim. If you go to another doctor for a second opinion, DO NOT under any circumstances tell them what doctor did the malpractice. They will really, really want to know and it isn't because they are looking out for you! You will not get a second opinion. Your second opinion doctor will call up your doctor, You will get an opinion carefully coordinated with what the first doctor said. You have paid them money to protect themselves against you!

The doctor's identity and image are left spotless using that very simple emotional control technique. If you have been discouraged by doctors, you have been a victim of your own trust in the system. If you have been a victim of Medical Malpractice, you have experienced this firsthand. This is how medical malpractice has exploded into a quiet but huge epidemic in the United States today.

Victims of Medical Malpractice (an injury caused by a doctor), are confronted by a well-oiled system collectively designed to avoid any blame while keeping the injured silent. Victims who still trust doctors to help them are shocked when they spend more time and money to see another doctor, and then are confronted with the patronizing, the denial, and the "WALL OF SILENCE". The shock plus the guilt mechanism described above can combine to cause the patient to cooperate and keep it all secret.

But the real statistics speak for themselves. There are hundreds of thousands of unnessessary deaths each year, so there are probably MILLIONS of lesser victims. The PROBLEM isn't getting better. The PROBLEM isn't going away. DENIAL doesn't make it go away. DENIAL shouldn't be part of the "standard of practice". But DENIAL is very profitable. Insurance industry profits are skyrocketing, even while hundreds of thousands continue to die needlessly each year, year after year after year.

What Happened To My Nose
because of a SANTA BARBARA, California doctor


24hour a day prothesis

I wear this prosthesis 24 hours a day so that I can breath. The tape and splint hold the tip out. The white 'U' pinches slightly so the center doesn't collapse. Only then does the pain go away. After I say this, some people say, "but it looks O.K." After the swelling and brusing go down, even a broken leg can be made to "look O.K."

I went to a local medical center in Santa Barbara to have very routine Septoplasty. This is an operation to straighten a "deviated septum". Many people are born with crooked cartilage that partially blocks one nostril, resulting in a "permanent stuffed nose". The doctor corrected the deviated septum, and he CUT OFF A THE END OF MY NOSE INSIDE. He didn't tell me he was planning to do this. He decided that my nose should be shorter. He is not a plastic surgeon. He just did it. Then he and the medical center covered it up.

The problem is much worse than appearance. Now my nose is like a limp tit and it collapses inside unless I support it. I have to wear a SPLINT on my nose PERMANENTLY (FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE). If I don't support it, it ACHES. Plastic surgeons cannot do anything because "too much has been done already." This Santa Barbara doctor, whom I trusted, did this without my consent and without any warning. This doctor is not a plastic surgeon!

I did not want plastic surgery! I signed a paper accepting certain the risks of the operation. The risk of having experimental surgery was not on the paper. This doctor feels free to do irreversible surgery unrelated to the prescribed surgery without asking the patient first. Surprise! Hope you like it! And he gets away with it. Our legal system will not help me. Did this happen to you?

THEN: The strong nose I prefer. NOW: Cut! Cut! Cut!
NOW: The end of my septum. I didn't ask for this. NOW: I must wear this forever so I can breath.
The resulting effects
  1. I cannot breath through my nose unless I wear a split to support it. My nose collapses inside without it. The split supports the end and prevents it from shrinking up like an accordion and collapsing inside.
  2. My nose ACHES unless I wear the splint. The ache does not go away unless I wear the splint! Months after the operation I finally got relief from chronic pain by inventing this splint (I am mechanically inclined)! I was considering if they were doing a pain experiment on me to drive me insane! When the tape softens after 12 hours and begins to loosen, the symptoms definitely return. I can tighten it up, but soon I have to re-do the splint with fresh tape.
  3. I contacted several plastic surgeons. I am told that there is NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE. I must wear this splint on my face for the REST OF MY LIFE. (UPDATE: I found a plastic surgeon who says he might be able to do something to fix this. But before he would say more, I would have to fly to NEW JERSEY to see him).
  4. Even with the splint, vibrations from walking, riding a bus and even talking make my nose ache! I cannot talk for more than 5 minutes or my nose begins to ACHE! My nose is as flexible as a leaf. The end of my nose is a fleshy, loose, empty cavity!

What doctors have done to prevent my recovery
  1. I went through normal channels first by submitting a complaining to the Patient Liaison (what did I really expect?). However, the medical center "committee" who reviewed my complaint denied all of my information, including the photographic evidence that I sent them.
  2. The surgical removal of the end of my nose was not recorded in my surgical report.
  3. Once I got a copy of my medical report I got sick to my stomach. I couldn't look at it again for a week. My medical report contains serious omissions and added statements that did not take place in the examination room. They "LIED". See my scanned medical records at the link on the left, then look at my pictures. This was done at a SANTA BARBARA medical practice.
  4. I went to four ENT doctors for second opinions. One doctor finally told me what was cut from my nose (in Febuary 2005). He then suggested that I get HYPNOSIS for the pain! Before I made each appointment I was asked what doctor did the surgery. I told them (very stupid of me). At the appointments I asked the doctor if something was wrong with the way my nose was done - WALL OF SILENCE each time! Each and every doctor avoided answering my questions and even patronized me (treated me like a small child)! One doctor told me to stop wearing the splint and to stop seeing doctors! For this I paid $80 after insurance. To the other doctor who told me I should stop wearing the splint and get "hypnosis" for the pain: So, let me get this straight - not only should I agree to be mentally tricked into believing the pain doesn't exist, but I should also forget that I need to breath? I bet they would do something for real if my condition was not caused by a doctor. Their WALL OF SILENCE stategy keeps me in a continual state as victim. Doctors know if they stick together they can delay a patient's legal action past the 1 year Statute of Limitations. THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO WORK.
  5. I still have the same infection I had since the operation. It gets worse immediately unless I treat it twice a day with painfully strong salt water. Of the four ENT doctors I went to for second opinions, I tried to get help from two regarding the infection. One doctor commented, "I wonder why that is swollen?" He then swabbed a completely different place for the culture. Gee guess what - the results where negative. My infection has gone untreated and is still active, maybe because of something (?) the first doctor kept telling each new doctor I went to. Now I often have VERTIGO, probably because the infection is damaging my inner ear sense of balance. I am tired of being used as a CASH COW while not receiving appropriate treatment. The so-called "Standard of Care" is apparently quite low in California.

So why don't I get a lawyer?

I've been trying. Forget about local lawyers. They don't sue local doctors out of "professional courtesy". Other reasons why its hard to get a lawyer for malpractice:
  1. I haven't been permanently disabled. (Although maybe I will be eventually due to the untreated infection.)
  2. I haven't lost income (again, "yet").
  3. It doesn't matter if the law was broken. What matters is cost to profit ratio, and medical malpractice lawsuits are VERY expensive to the plaintiff (you or me). Doctors know this!
I think I can find others who share my predicament

Doctors make mistakes. Doctors have accidents. This is not about those doctors. Doctors like the one I had commit bad surgery PURPOSEFULLY because they lack common ETHICAL and MORAL judgement ability. They are "out of touch" with what they do. They fail to learn from their mistakes because they are highly invested in seeing themselves as blameless and always good. Out of touch doctors harm people over, and over again because they belong to a doctor club which protects them. They do not seek treatment because they deny self-blame. They camoflage their mistakes within the term "risk factors". Like a drunk driver who re-offends because alcohol impairs his judgement while being "enabled" by his co-dependent spouse, these doctors RE-OFFEND because they lack moral judgement and are protected by a club that wants to protect its collective image at all costs.

Given the absurdity of what this doctor did to me and his lack of judgement that allowed him to do this, I must assume there have been other victims of this doctor. There will likely be more in the future. If you are in my predicament, please contact me for the same reason that plane crash victims are well taken care of - there is POWER IN NUMBERS. And there are many times more Malpractice victims than plane crash victims. PLEASE tell others about this website!

How can a doctor or anyone be like this?

Specific conditions prevent the REMORSE. Remorse causes us to learn from our mistakes. Remorse teaches us to consider the consequences of our future actions. Conditions that disable remorse are psychologically based Personality Disorders and organically based Pathological Disorders.
Intellegence is not a factor. These disorders are found in very intelligent people. These people are usually aggressive and highly motivated. These conditions do not prevent one from getting straight-A's in medical school. Once residency is over, personality takes over. With little or no conscience, they are extremely charismatic, unwavering and convincing when avoiding responsibility for their actions. With little or no conscience, they are skilled manipulators and they hide behind a cloak of "the healer". They are able to hide their judgemental and professional incompetence for years from investigations and medical boards. Filing complaints about these doctors can be fruitless. Other doctors protect them because they are also in denial, but also believe in collectively protecting their images as professionals. As a result, bad doctors continue to offend! The cost to society is enormous. Medical malpractice is also a leading cause of death in the USA. The response from the medical industry has been a propoganda campaign to limit lawsuit damages!

What was done to my nose I consider a criminal assault under anesthesia. There was an incredible lapse of ethical judgement. I remain injured, and my condition continues to deteriorate due to the infection. I have read the statistics. I know that I am not alone. If you had the same surgery and the doctor cut the end of your nose off without your permission or did a similar surgical criminal act, PLEASE e-mail or contact me NOW. We need each other!


  • After the operation, I had an infection that I went back for treatment several times. I complained about poor breathing and the infection. I asked about why my nose seems so loose, and asked why he cut cartilage from the end of my nose. The Doctor denied this accusation.
  • In a subsequent appointment with The Doctor explained that he was correcting the "tent-pole effect" and directed me not to touch my nose. The Doctor gave me a long prescription for antibiotics and told me to make an appointment with the Doctor Head of Department Doctor for a second opinion as soon as the antibiotics where done.
  • At the appointment, Doctor Head of Department Doctor denied that cartilage had been removed because the medical report that had no mention of it.
  • I filed a complaint with the "Patient Liasion". After several delays, approximately 2 months later I got a report back that denied all of my claims.
  • I have since obtained a copy of my medical report. I lacks important conversations that took place, and it included statements that where not made.
On August 20 2004 I put tape on the end of my nose and pulled.
  • The pain went away
  • In a few minutes I could breath through my left nostril again for the first time in months
  • My nose looked like it had originally
I have since worn a device to hold the end of my nose in place so that I can breath and prevent the pain. I wear it 24 hours a day except for shower. When the tape gets old and begins to loosen, the pain and restricted breathing return. This condition has not improved.

I sought four second opinions. In each case the secretary or doctor making the appointment asked who did the operation. Each time I told them. I now consider this a mistake.
  • On October 4 I had an appointment with ENT Doctor #2 to find out what happened to the end of my nose. He spent the entire appointment telling me about his education, family, boat, etc. He used an instrument to take many pictures inside my nose. I wasn't allowed time to speak very much.
  • On December 2nd I saw ENT Doctor #3 in Santa Maria regarding the infection which had returned again. He was to take a culture. Before the appointment I heard him speaking to Doctor Head of Department on the other side of the door. In the appointment Doctor #3 noted the unusual bulge at the site of the operation, but he swabbed a place far away inside my face for the culture. The results came back negative.
  • On January 3 I saw ENT Doctor #4 in LA. He seemed very impatient with me and very directive of the conversation, He said that sometimes doctors remove the end of the septum in cases of extreme deviation. (I did not have such a condition). He suggested that I get hypnosis for the pain.
  • On February 4 I saw ENT Doctor #5 in LA. At this time I was wearing the splint shown in the picture because I wanted to demonstrate that my nose collapses inside when I take it off. He also was very impatient, directive and dismissive, and patronizing. After I left his office I stayed in the waiting room without wearing the splint and when the left nostril was blocked I requested to see him again. A few minutes later he examined me and told me that my problem was dryness and gave me something for it. After leaving I read the box and it was instead something to reduce nasal swelling. I already had experience with this medication from Doctor #1 and found it not effective and it had worrisome side-effects.
  • August 2005 I created a web page with photographs of the inside of my nose. I then contacted several plastic surgeons who had web pages and contact information on the internet. Of these Plastic Surgeon #1 responded through his assistant said that it looked like I already had a lot done. She said the Plastic Surgeon #1 could not do anything for this. She recommended that I file a complaint with the California Medical Board. I realized that I might have to wear the splint for the rest of my life!!!
  • I researched the internet and contacted Plastic Surgeon #2 in New Jersey who is considered one of the best plastic surgeons for reconstructive surgery. He said he might be able to repair it but he would have to see me in person, in New Jersey.
I have not seen another doctor since Doctor #5 because I haven't had health insurance, and I do not want to pay a lot of money to be lied to again. The infection which Doctor #2 carefully avoided finding evidence for, continues to damage my face.

  • I have been treating the infection by putting strong salt water up my nostril several times a day. If I stop the infection immediately swells and becomes very uncomfortable. Additionally, if I allow it to get worse,
    • a tooth in the rear of my mouth becomes very sore and interferes with eating.
    • my left eye tears and becomes red.
    • I get vertigo and feel dizzy.
  • When I blow my nose there is usually blood in the mucus.
I do not go to doctors anymore because my feeling toward them is hateful. I have been gamed and bull-shited by a total six doctors.

  1. I cannot breath through my nose unless I wear a split to support it. My nose collapses inside without it. The split supports the end and prevents it from shrinking up like an accordion and collapsing inside.
  2. My nose ACHES unless I wear the splint. The ache does not go away unless I wear the splint! Months after the operation I finally got relief from chronic pain by inventing this splint! I was considering if they were doing a pain experiment on me to drive me insane!
  3. I contacted several plastic surgeons. I am told that there is NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE. I must wear this splint on my face for the REST OF MY LIFE.
  4. I have an infection that is slowly eating out the inside of my nose. I cannot get help for it because doctors deny it exists! These ENT doctors talk, talk, talk, and hold a dim flashlight with almost dead batteries from a distance of two feet and say, "I don't see any infection." Then its back to talk, talk, talk, apparently to prevent me from saying anything. Doctors are like the monkeys - no see (dim flashlight), no hear (won't let me speak), no speak (will not respond to any problem about my nose, including the infection!)

Coming soon to surgery patient paperwork: A legal form to sign for you to agree not to post a web-page about your bad surgery.