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I have had this infection over a year now. I returned to the doctor who did my nose several times. Each time he gave me a prescription for 10 days. At the end of the ten days I called and said the infection is just now getting better, can I get a refill? He said no, "wait a few days to see if your body takes over". Each time the infection came raging back again. Folks, this is how you make an infection immune to antibiotics. The last time he refered me to the head of the department for a "second opinion", and gave me a 20 day prescription with explicit instructions to have the appointment coincide with the end of the prescription. Of course the infection was in remission and the second opinion doctor put in the report "no evidence of infection." Two weeks later the infection returned.

I then gave up on the medical center where I had the surgery. I went to another ENT doctor out of town (Santa Maria) for this infection. He was also was in contact with the department head of the original doctor, as I overheard his telephone conversation on the other side of the door when I was waiting in the examination room. He was talking loud and clear and ended the call seconds before entering the examination room.

I told him where the infection was, at the site of the surgery. He Loudly said, "I wonder why that turbinate is enlarged?" That would have been near the site of surgery. Then he swabbed someplace far back inside my sinus. I wondered why he didn't swab at the swollen area. The results came back negative. I should have asked him then why he chose to swab a different location. This has since gone untreated except by my use of salt water. The salt water doesn't cure it.

Typical infection symptom

Typical bloody snot
August, 2005

Typical infection symptom

Typical bloody snot
April 16th, 2005

Typical infection symptom

Growing pile of Q-Tips from applying Bactroban to nasal infection.
April 24th, 2006

I squirt strong saltwater up my left nostril twice a day. If I stop doing this, I start sneezing up the above bloody material. Also I have these symptoms
  • The infection site inside my nose swells up until it touches the other side of the nostril and blocks that nostril.
  • A tooth in my upper right jaw that begins to ache. It becomes elevated and it becomes very painful to chew.
  • My left eye turns red and tears a lot.
  • I feel light headed and dizzy. Sometimes its motion related, sometimes visual.
These symtoms decrease when I squirt the strong saltwater up my nostrils several times a day. Over the past year it has been improving very slowly, however it came back aggressively in June 2005 when I stopped using the salt water. It takes a month of continuous treatment with salt water to get it back under control. It has come back several times. It is now February of 2006, I have had this infection a year and a half, bloody snot and all, and no ENT doctor I have been to will admit it exists!

I just went to a doctor out of state. He used an actual bright light and saw the infection IMMEDIATELY. He gave me a prescription for $40 per tube Bactroban. It doesn't cure it, just keeps it under control as long as I use it every two to three hours.

I recently developed tiny blood-red spots on my feet and also my blood pressure has shot up. I assume this is due to the long term infection.

Based on other various sources on the Internet, doctors experiment on single people who have few social contacts and no great financial income. An infection is introduced at the time of surgery so that if the experiment turns into a failure the patient will receive no effective treatment for the infection. Other doctors from the local area comply with this non-treatment. The patient suffers from the infection as well as the secondary damaging effects of the infection. This is how doctors bury their mistakes.

Salt water bottle

This is the salt water bottle I use. Here it is empty with the amount of salt that I put in it before filling with water. This strength is nessessary to control the infection. I have to use this several times a day.

Antibiotics taken
Photocopy of antibiotic prescriptions taken