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Documentation with the "Patient Liason"
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Patient Liason Response pg 1

Patient Liason Response pg 2
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Paragraph 2. All of my documented complaints about pain and breathing difficulty arising from the improper removal of cartilage at the end of my nose have been reduced to "distressing" me.

Paragraph 3. The report is a lie! I still have the infection, now over a year later! I am still sneezing up blood! I can put a Q-Tip up my left nostril and immediately improve my breathing!

Paragraph 4. My complaint was not about how straight my septum is! The airway is only good if I support my nose tip and keep it from collapsing! Why the comment "While others may observe . . ."? Is this supposed to be not-so-subtle psychological message to distract me from the pain? You regret that I am not happy. Do you regret that I must wear a SPLINT on my nose to avoid pain and be able to breath? I want you to pay for restoring the appearance of my nose, and I want you to pay for restoring my nose so it works without wearing a SPLINT!

Paragraph 5. Your computer logs all appointments? I thought people log appointments into computers. The same people who aren't paying attention to their job because they are multitasking medical bookkeeping with gossip conversation going on in the background.

Paragraph 6. "We deny everything that you told us. I we can do any more of this, please let us know."