Physical Evidence of the Surgery

My Septoplasy Results
Documentation with the "Patient Liason"
Physical Evidence: Photo and Video Examination
About the Infection

Right Side

AFTER surgery, Right side. The ruler graduations are 1mm. The ruler is pushed against the end of the septum as it is after surgery. I estimate 5mm of cartilage has been removed from the end of my septum. This is not a part of the septoplasty procedure. I was not told this would be done.

Left Side

1 year after surgery
Left Side. The ruler is pushed against the present end of my septum. About 5mm has been removed. It is not in the medical report. Why?

10 second video

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Photo before surgery

Photo before surgery

These are BEFORE photos taken 2 - 3 months before surgery. The purpose of these photos was to document a haircut that I liked. The photos have been cropped to show the relevant area. These photos document the good cartilage tip support I had before surgery.