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I made made another appointment because of the infection swelling. I had left a message with the doctor to refill the prescription as previously instructed. But the pharmacy did not receive it. When I arrived at this appointment, I was a little upset and I asked the doctor if he had changed his mind about the refill. He told me that he had approved the refill, but the nurse did not call it in. I had been using the Rhinocort as prescribed, but I wanted to stop using it because the side-effects where increasing and it did not seem to be reducing the swelling anymore.

I stated, "I am thinking about getting plastic surgery to restore what was historically there, what my nose was like before the surgery." The doctor then quickly said, "Most people want a shorter nose!" and, "You can have a shorter nose if you like!" I asked why he did it, and he said "to remedy the tent-pole effect", and he did some rather twisted explaining that made little sense to me. I do not recall him using the word "narrow". I did not have problems due to "narrow" before the operation. What did make sense to me is, what happens if you cut short a tent pole? The sides collapse.

Below: two letters which I wrote to the referring physician at Student Health about this situation. The first draft I deemed too long. I wrote and sent the shorter second version. I was quite simply struck by the vague, incompetent and avoidant behavior of this doctor. His meek treatment of my infection will allow it to become a super infection.

Letter Aug 17, 04 to refering physician, draft
Aug 17, 04 letter to refering physician, sent