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The left nostril swelling had really flared up again, the insides are touching and it aches and I am really miserable because of it. I have become very frustrated at the repeated 10-day antibiotic treatments that just begin to work when they run out. The doctor has twice told me to, "wait a few days because I want to see if your body takes over". I am becoming irritated by so many repeated appointments, as well as the money cost is really adding up. I really wanted a solution now. I am loosing patience quickly.

The doctor prescribes 3 WEEKS (finally) of antibiotics. He instructs me to schedule appointments for a CT scan of my sinuses and a follow-up appointment to examine the results to be within days after the course of antibiotics. I want to resolve the infection first, then consider the missing cartilage issue again later.

Aug 30, 04 Letter to doctor