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My Medical Report: a Practice in Denial
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The Doctor is communicating as if he is in court already. The original doctor who did my septoplasty directed me to make an appointment with this doctor to coincide with the end of 3 weeks of antibiotic he prescribed. It is now THREE MONTHS since I complained about the infection. The three weeks of antibiotics seem to have worked, as at this time no evidence infection, but I now know it was temporarily suppressed. But this time I was not there to talk about infection. I was there to get him to examine my nose and tell me what was done to my nose.

Doctor is reframing reality: "the patient feels the pain is actually exaberated" means "it is unbelievable that someone could think like this." This is defensive medicine.

I do recall saying that a particlar sensation in my nose was gone since surgery. I don't recall saying my breathing had improved.

Doctor is minimizing here. I was very explicit in telling about vibration causing my nose to ache, including walking, road bumps, even speaking.

Doctor is directly lying about "great tip support".

Doctor is reframing again: "He thinks it helps him breath better" means, "we shall not believe what he thinks". Another example: I hit your thumb with a hammer, and say, "He thinks his thumb hurts." I certainly did complain about claustrophobia. The sides of my nose are loose and flap inward at the slightest inward breath. Try squeezing your nose each time you breath in and see what you experience.

Wearing this relieves the symptom of "collapsing cartilage" that the original doctor said I had (08/03/04).

This doctor was proceeding very quickly with the examination. At first this doctor was very focused on the septum, and made repeated statements about how straight the septum was. During his examination, the doctor used reverse pliers to stretch open each nostril, and manipulate then to a degree that it hurt for 2 days and really irritated the old infection site. It was quite painful. I considered that he was a bully. He did put some cotton up my nose, but I wasn't given time to evaluate how correctly it was done.

Now I will put the rest of the conversation missing in the above report. I asked about the cartilage which I claimed was removed from the end of my nose. The doctor looked at my surgical report, and stated that it did not contain anything about removal of cartilage from the end of my nose. I was there to have my nose examined, not the report. I told him that I had pictures of how my nose was before the surgery which I would like to show them to him. The doctor kept trying to define the meaning of my communication as though my concern was all about external appearance. I had a hard time keeping him on track about nose looseness, that the splint worked. He kept behaving as though I where saying things unacceptable to hear. He said he needed better pictures to go from. He said to make another appointment in three weeks.

I did not see why I should wait 3 weeks to show pictures, so I made an appointment for the next available time.